24-7 wealth club review - scam or legit?

24-7 Wealth Club Review: Scam Or $13,127 Per Week?

24-7 wealth club review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my 24-7 Wealth Club review. It’s a program that looks like another online scam with unrealistic claims and a nonsense presentation.

So, in this review, you will read what you can expect from the product and if Richard tells the truth about a done-for-you system.

What Is 24-7 Wealth Club?

Starting from the product, you can find 24-7 Wealth Club on the marketplace of Clickbank. That means it is not a secret product or club as it claims on the sales page.

There are many products with a similar video and structure that I have exposed lately like Cash Sniper and 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

Also, it looks almost the same with Wealth Project, an older scam from the same marketplace. The only differences are the claims and the names of these programs.

The concept of this 24-7 Wealth Club is that you will get a money making system for a few dollars and the owner gives you the system because it’s a win-win situation. At least, this is what he claims.

Based on that story, the spokesperson of the video makes different money claims too. He repeats many times that you will make $13,127 in seven days starting today.

But he does not explain why this is the right number or who will give you that money. It’s obvious there is no right answer on that or proof of these earnings. He just mentions a few random names and numbers.

The name of the owner is unknown as well. You can hear the name Richard while you watch the presentation but nothing more on that part.

Lastly, all the scarcity is fake. 24-7 is a product of Clickbank. It’s available to anyone who is willing to pay $37. So, the spots are not limited, it’s not a secret or anything like this.

The fact that most things do not make sense or are fake, it shows us that the system is not real. You will not make that money and we cannot expect anything good here.

In my opinion, it’s another online scam from some guys who hide their names and just try to trick a few people into buying this product.

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How Does It Work?

Programs like 24-7 Wealth Club are very different on the members’ area than what they say on the video presentation.

You can be sure that there is no a done-for-you system or anything that could give you thousands of dollars in a week.

The spokesperson avoids giving us any information about the system or the business model. There is not even one screenshot or something that could help the visitor to understand what he is going to buy.

So, they try to sell the opportunity of making money and they invite you to trust them blindly and buy the product.

The best thing you can expect is a few outdated short guides on PDF or video format like the other similar products.

There is no system or a money making machine that generates money because there is no done-for-you systems or money making machines.

If you want to find a legit way to start an online business which is the idea of this program, you must be willing to work for it and be patient. Systems like this one do not work.

You can’t build a profitable business overnight no matter what some people promise. They just try to sell their products to you. This is how the owners of 24-7 Wealth Club make money online and not by applying their system.

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How Much Does It Cost?

While there is a promise about a lifetime membership with the $37 price and a risk-free product, the truth is quite different.

First of all, there are multiple one-click upsells. We have enough information about the pricing structure. Simply, the creators of this program try to make as much money as possible for you. They will not stop at the $37.

If you fill in your email on the sales page, it will try to charge your PayPal account without confirmation. On the members’ area, it’s the same issue.

There are a few links that will try to sell you the upsells directly. If you are not careful, 24-7 Wealth Club will cost hundreds of dollars. This is what some marketers call one-click upsells.

In total, there are three upsells that cost $197, $177, and $97. The total cost with the starting price and the upsells is a little over than $500. In this price, we do not add any affiliate links of the members’ area and other third-party costs to apply whatever they recommend.

24-7 wealth club pricing

Many people consider buying the front end product to give it a try or take the upsells because they expect to find a system. Simply, there is no system and the upsells include a bad product as well.

Also, the value of a few short guides is close to zero. You cannot build a business based on that product.

The 60-day money back guarantee is real but don’t ask for a refund on the email of 24-7 Wealth Club. It’s a better idea to contact Clickbank because it handles payments and refunds. Clickbank is a legit affiliate network and you will probable get your money back.

My Final Verdict – Is 24-7 Wealth Club A Scam?

I would not expect to make $13,127 in one week. Also, it would be a surprise even for the owners if anyone could earn even one dollar with this program.

They just try to convince you that you will earn thousands of dollars starting today to make a sale, but this is not going to happen. So, 24-7 Wealth Club is a scam.

This video does not give us any real information or proof of a system. Who is Richard and these people who are mentioned?

We don’t know because the owners hide their names and probably have created this story. There are many other products that use the same strategy so it’s not a surprise.

If you try the product and don’t make any money, no one will be there to help you. You will not find any support or someone to contact.

For all these reasons, it’s better to save your money and look for other opportunities. Also, if someone sent you an email to promote this product, it’s possible to get promotions for similar scams.

The best way to avoid them is by reading some online reviews on these programs and stay away from anyone who promises secret systems that work overnight.

When you hear about quick and fast earnings, almost always you find a worthless product.

It does not mean there are not legit ways to make money. Many people in the last years find ways to build profitable online businesses and below you can read what I do to make money.

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Thanks for reading my review on 24-7 Wealth Club. Below, you can leave any comments or questions.