20 Cogs Review: Legit Or Another GPT Scam?

20 Cogs Review: Legit Or Another GPT Scam?Welcome to my 20 Cogs review. 20 Cogs is another GPT (get paid to) website that promises to help people earn extra money by completing simple tasks. In this review, you can read how it works, how you can earn extra money and if it’s a legit site to get started online.

What Is 20 Cogs?

It sounds like a standard GPT website. You can see on the homepage that Cogs mean Competition, Offers, Gaming, and Surveys.

It’s not the first time we hear about a website that offers all the above at one place. However, on the internet, some things are not as they sound.

20 Cogs is a middleman that pays you to join on third party websites where you can do the above tasks. So, it’s not a site like Swagbucks in which you can complete tasks on the members’ area.

The good news is that it’s a legit middleman. That means you can actually get paid for joining the recommended sites and there are many users who have earned money with this site. On the homepage, you can find some examples of testimonials who tried the website.

Of course, they make you believe that it’s a place in which you can complete surveys or participate in competitions so it’s fair to say they are not completely honest.

How Does 20 Cogs Work?

When you create your account and confirm your email, there are only a few options on the members’ area. Most GPT sites have a list of available offers to choose from.

However, on this site, you have to complete the 20 cogs. The cogs are tasks you can do and only a few of them are available in the beginning.

For example, this is the first task I could do when I created my account:20cogs offer details

There are two options here:

  1. Share the specific link and earn 5 pounds
  2. Click the “give me another offer” button

If you decide to complete this task, you will unlock the second cog and go to the next task. If you skip the specific offer, you can see another one. However, on each cog, there is a specific number of offers you can skip. On the first cog, I had three alternatives. All of them was about joining on a third party site. It’s fine to check them and decide later which one you want to complete.

For each task you complete, you unlock the next cog. To get paid you must complete all the 20 cogs. While it’s a different website for most alternatives, I think it makes it harder for the user to complete the process and earn money. On the positives, it sounds fun and you want to see the available tasks on the next level.

Lastly, there is a referral program to earn money for inviting your friends. You can earn a 5% from your referral lifetime earnings and a 20 pounds bonus when they complete the 20 cogs. In my opinion, it’s a basic referral program. You can find better commissions elsewhere.

How To Get Started

You can create a free account and earn a £1 sign up bonus. Then, just complete the information of your profile. While the process is straightforward (you just complete tasks to go on the next cog), you should be aware for a few things:

1. You will need a new email address for this site only. Your main work is to join third-party websites. I cannot guarantee that these sites are legit. Well, I would not expect to get scammed but some of them will send you tons of spam. So, protect your good email address by not sharing it here.

2. It takes some investment. It’s free to join and start completing offers but some of these third-party websites ask for a small joining fee or they ask your credit card details to give you a free trial.

3. It takes time to earn money. When you join on GPT sites, you expect to earn some money fast. Be aware that it takes a lot of time to complete the 20 cogs and get confirmation from the third-party site that everything is ok. There are faster ways to earn and cash out a few dollars per month (sites like ClixSense and CashCrate).

How Much You Can Earn

When you complete the 20 cogs, the total rewards must be over 100 pounds. You can receive your earnings to your bank or PayPal account. To get paid, the 20 cogs must turn in green which means they got approved and they are available for cash out.

I cannot estimate the effort it takes to complete these tasks. It’s not a real effort because you just create accounts on other sites but still, you must think about it and spend some time.

On the image with the Facebook offer above, you just share something and earn a few pounds. However, this is only the first offer. Usually, it’s more complicated. For example, check the next image:20 cogs example

On this offer, you must pay £1 and stay signed up for the full first month. But if you do not cancel the subscription, you will pay extra £10.75 for the second month. I am not sure how you can achieve to stay signed up for the full month without being charged the next payment.

Also, you have to wait for one month to be confirmed. Some offers take much longer than one month. So, I cannot be sure how long it takes to complete the 20 cogs and how much money you will pay.

With a few words, it’s not clear from the beginning the time it takes and your potential earnings. This is the reason why I decided not to complete the 20 cogs.

Pros and Cons


1. Legit website: Based on all the facts, you will get paid if you complete the 20 cogs. Many user reviews and testimonials share their experience. You can check some of them on the homepage of the site.

2. Unique and interesting process: It’s different from most GPT sites. You complete a cog to unlock the next one. That process helps you to stick around and you are always curious about the next step.

3. User-Friendly: It’s easy to get started, complete your profile, get your bonus and complete the cogs. You always know what the next thing in front of you is.


1. It takes a lot of time and some investment: The fact that you cannot see the next steps, it can be a little discouraging when the motivation to get started is the money. Some offers take months or require a small investment. So, I would like to know what exactly it takes before getting started.

2. Third party websites: I am not going to trust all these third-party websites and of course, I will not share my personal information with all of them.

My Final Opinion

20 Cogs is a legit middleman for other websites in which you can earn some extra money. You join on these sites through the links you find on the cogs and you earn a reward.

These rewards are a part of the commission that 20 Cogs earn from these third-party websites. It sounds like a win-win situation for these companies but I am not sure this is the best option for you.

You can join other GPT sites and earn the same or better rewards while you can withdraw faster and without having to wait for months. For other alternative side income sites, you can check my list with the best GPT sites.

For a full-time income online, I would recommend to start a blog and learn more about affiliate marketing. You can read about my strategy in which I combine these two methods to get traffic and earn commissions.

Thanks for reading my review on 20 Cogs. It’s an interesting website but I think there are better alternatives. If you want to share your opinion or ask any questions, leave your comment below.

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