1k daily profit review - scam or legit?

1K Daily Profit Review: Scam Or $1000 Per Day?

1k daily profit review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my 1K Daily Profit Review. You will read if this is a scam or a legit site that you can actually make money.

They promise a magic software that will do the work for you. But the truth is a little different than described on the sales page.

What Is 1K Daily Profit?

The program is a middleman of another platform that does not work as described. However, they say a lot of nonsense to send you to the next page.

There are many similar semi-scams on the internet and you must be careful about these sites. For example, I have exposed AD Code and Daily Cash App. These sites say a similar story about a software that works on autopilot.

There are some obvious issues on 1K Daily Profit. These are the unrealistic claims and fake scarcity.

Starting from the claims, the spokesperson says that you can make at least $1,000 per day every single day. It mentions the same thing on the FAQ section as well.

And you are supposed to achieve that from the first day with no actual work. They mention different numbers but I will not get into more details here.

Simply, this program is promoted like a get-rich-quick scheme and as you may expect, it will not deliver.

You can’t make so much money overnight. The people who make $1,000 per day in any way online or offline have worked hard to build a business or develop a skill that allows them to earn that money. There are no magic ways to go from scratch to $1,000 per day.

Next, they mention some limited spots and a special invitation.

Well, there is no special invitation. The guys who promote this website send spam emails all around the internet.

If you close the site and come back one week later, you will see the same spots, claims and nonsense on the sales page.

Most things on that presentation are fake. At least, the important ones are fake.

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How Does It Work?

As you can see on the sales page, the spokesperson does not mention anything helpful about the members’ area or the business model.

There is a reason why he avoided that. You could easily understand that you can’t make that money if he mentioned the how.

Anyway, he talks about a software that generates money. But there is no software at all.

If you fill in your details, you will be redirected on a third-party website that will require a payment and you can be sure it will be an expensive one.

In the beginning, we can see a form that asks for your name and an email. But if you fill in these details, they ask for a phone number to let you go on the next level.

From my experience, it is not a good idea to share your phone number on unknown sites around the internet.

I believe that the owner will use your details for a profit.

The bottom line here is that there is no software or system. But they try to send you on a third-party site that will try to sell you something completely different than promised.

How Much Does It Cost?

The spokesperson mentions a few times that this is a free program. Of course, this is not the truth.

They will get your email and phone number that they have a value. Next, they will use them to sell their promotions to you. You can expect some pushy tactics on the next page. Hopefully, they will not charge you for something.

Next, you must buy an advertising package that will cost a few hundred dollars. If you invest any money, they will come back with another upsell. This is a standard process in many similar websites.

Fake Owner

A common issue on most online scams is the lack of information about the owner. However, some scammers are creative in that part.

1K Daily Profit has a fake owner. The image is taken from a stock image website and the name is not real too.

Here is the owner of the program:


Next, you can see the results of a Google Search on that image:

fake owner 1k daily profit

This man is not an owner of any website and all these sites just use the image to create a fake proof for their products.

The comments on the sales page are fake as well. The same applies to anything else on the presentation.

The website misses important pages like a privacy policy page, support and contact details. It’s only one page that tries to get your information.

My Final Verdict – Is 1K Daily Profit A Scam?

We do not know who created this page but it’s clear that he tries to mislead the visitors. The purpose of the site is to get your email and phone number.

On the next level, they will try to sell you a completely different product.

But you will never see that magic software or $1,000 per day as they promise.

For this reason, 1K Daily Profit is a scam.

It’s obvious that the legit websites do not need fake owners and random images.

While it’s very possible to earn money online if you do the work, it will not happen in this way. The legit ways take time and work. This is the natural process no matter what some websites and gurus promise.

There are no systems that work overnight on autopilot and you can’t build a profitable business with a few minutes of work per day.

I know that we will keep finding similar scams so make sure that you read reviews as you did today.

The best thing you can do is to stay away from the program. If you have already filled in your email and phone number, just try to unsubscribe. There is no benefit for the users.

Here Is Something That Really Works

If you want to make money online, I would suggest starting your own online business.

It is not difficult but takes some work like any legit way.

You will not need a big budget, technical knowledge or any experience. You will just learn to promote other people’s products and make commissions.

The process above is known as affiliate marketing and this is what I do to make money as well.

I started from scratch a few years ago and today, I earn money consistently from my websites. Yes, from this website too.

My plan is simple. I will help as more people as possible by adding value. Then, they can decide if they will check my suggestions.

I know that everyone who can read this article is capable of building a profitable online business.

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Thanks for reading my review on 1K Daily Profit. For any questions, just leave me a message below.