100K Online Secret Review: Scam Or Make Over $100,000?

100K Online Secret review - scam or legit?

In this 100K Online Secret review, you will read if this program is another scam or you can actually make money overnight with this system.

There are many claims on this page that sound too good to be true so here you will learn what you can really expect.

What Is 100K Online Secret?

100K Online Secret is a funnel to another website with the name, My Ecom Club.

In the video presentation, the spokesperson tries to make us believe that there is a system or something like that we can use to make money. However, the truth is very different.

First of all, the headline talks about an online secret and a girl that created a profitable online business.

This girl is real and has actually built her business from scratch but it has nothing to do with 100K Online Secret or any other relevant program.

The creators of that page use her name just to make sales. They do not apply the same strategy with her and I really doubt if they have studied her business at all.

100K Online Secret is a two-page website. The first page is only a landing page that wants to get your email and the second is the video presentation.

If you proceed from the second page, you can see the payment form that will redirect you to My Ecom Club. With a few words, this is a trick to get your money away.

There are many similar programs like this one. It seems that the owners of the site create many similar pages to promote their main product. For some previous versions of that scam, you can read about Money Miracle, Discover The Plan, Broke Dishwasher, Ecom Cash Code, Online Innovations, etc.

All of them have plenty of negative reviews and you can find the exact same issues like unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, fake scarcity and more that you will read below.

I think they use these pages to send spam emails and avoid some negative reviews of their main product.

The bottom line is that 100K Online Secret is not a real program, has nothing to do with the story of this girl and will send to the members’ area of another program.

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How Does It Work?

We cannot say how 100K Online Secret works because it’s not a real program. However, if you buy the product, you will get a membership on My Ecom Club.

This is about a drop shipping business model that works with Shopify. The process is that you find products on other stores and sell them through your store. When you make a sale, the original seller will ship the product to your customers.

This business model is not new and many marketers already try to apply it in different ways and platforms.

My Ecom Club will give you some training with the first modules, but they include many upsells. In my opinion, you don’t have a real benefit from their membership if you don’t reach the highest level.

You will get into a complicated website with some good information but their focus is on keeping you around to get more money.

Also, most of the reviews about their company are negative. The fact that they promote their site through scammy one-page sites and the expensive upsells, it a good reason to avoid it.

In my opinion, you do not need a program to learn how to get started with Shopify and drop shipping.

Shopify is a paid service. It’s a legit company and you can find a lot of information on their website to create any type of store you want. Also, there is plenty of free information on how to make money with Shopify store on blogs and video so you don’t have to pay someone for that job.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of 100K Online Secret is at $97. I think you will get the starting free membership of My Ecom Club and the $97 will give you access to the support. On the members’ area, they will try to sell you the $37 upsells in which you get a coach.

However, all these memberships and features are only a funnel to their high ticket upsell that costs $1997.

There are many complaints on that part. If you go through the site and pay all that money, you will get two stores with products but no traffic.

On the sales page, they mention a 30-day money back guarantee. However, there are some complaints on that part as well. It’s on you to trust them or no.

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Unrealistic Claims

There is a lot of hype, nonsense, and unrealistic claims on the sales page of 100K Online Secret. The spokesperson mentions many different money numbers but they do not make any sense.

It’s not possible to earn that money overnight. He says about hundrends of dollars in a few hours or thousands of dollars in a week. Simply, the legit businesses do not work like that no matter if they are online or offline.

Also, there is no proof of any of these claims. They use only a few testimonials but I will show you that they are not real.

Lastly, the process you are supposed to use to make money is ridiculous. He says that you simply follow a few instructions, set up your profile and take off.

A drop shipping business does not work in this way. You must put a lot of effort into creating your store, researching for products and testing ads.

Everything is quite different than the description on the video presentation.

About The Owner and Testimonials

The spokesperson mentions the name of Teo Vee who is the owner of My Ecom Club. However, when it comes to 100k Online Secret there are no contact information or any other person to get more information.

I have no much information about Teo Vee as well. He is a real person but we know that because we can see him on the videos of his program. But we don’t know his results. I think he makes money from these landing pages and his program

Next, you can see a few testimonials who say some good words about the program and mention their earnings. However, they are not real members but hired actors from Fiverr.

Here is my proof:

Below you can see a testimonial of 100K Online Secret.

fake testimonial - 100k online secret

And here is his Fiverr gig.

Fiverr testimonials Insiders Cash Club

All the other testimonials are hired from Fiverr as well. You can be sure that they have not made any money with the program.

My Final Verdict – Is 100K Online Secret A Scam?

This is a two-page website that tries to mislead the visitors and make them buy a third-party program. In my opinion, 100K Online Secret is a scam because it is not even a real program.

Also, the legit programs do not use external pages with nonsense and random claims.

You will not find any secret and there is not any successful girl behind that website. They just use another person’s story to sell their product.

When it comes to the product, you will buy a membership which is a funnel to a high ticket upsell that costs $1997. I think that most people do not like this type of surprises and they will not be happy to get into that funnel.

Another reason to stay away from 100K Online Secret is the fake testimonials. If you could make any money from these programs, they would not use actors to make all these claims.

With a few words, the information you will find from the product will not be enough to make money online and if you get any results, it will be from your effort and research and not because of the program.

For all these reasons, I do not recommend 100K Online Secret or any relevant program.

Here Is Something That Really Works

There are many legit ways to start an online business but I think that affiliate marketing is the best option for beginners.

You can’t start even today with no product, experience, or technical knowledge. The results you will get from this business depend on you and the effort you put on your business.

As an affiliate marketer, you promote other people’s products and make a commission per sale. It’s a simple and fun process but you must work on it.

Many beginners start new online businesses every single day and I believe this is the best time to get online. In the next years, there will not be as many opportunities as today.

Below, you can get my free affiliate marketing guide. It includes four simple steps that anyone can do. Also, you can find a few links from a top training program.

Thanks for reading my review on 100K Online Secret. It was not even a real program so it’s better to avoid it. You can leave any comments or questions below.

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