10 Simple Ways to Make Money Online for College Students

Make Money Online for College StudentsMany college students need to make extra money but finding a job requires many hours of work and sometimes they are not paying enough money. For this reason, online marketing and jobs can be a great opportunity for students and beginners.

Today I will show you ways to get started online from scratch without experience that you can start with low or no investment from your computer.

Let’s start. Below you can read ten simple ways to make money online for college students.

1. Build a Website or Blog

Building a website is not a new idea to get started with online marketing. Most successful marketers have at least one website where their audience can find them. You choose a niche you like, buy a domain name, a good hosting service and you are ready to begin. If you create content regularly soon you will get traffic. There are many ways to monetize your website, the most popular these days are affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, sell your own products, sponsored blog posts and much more. When you get traffic, you will figure out what way has the best results.

Many people afraid to start a website because they think that they need to know about coding, programming or to be writers. Do not worry about these things, many people from different countries and ages create profitable websites without any experience. You just write your opinion about something you like. Believe me, many people will agree with you and will want to read your articles again. In my opinion, this is the better way to get started online because you can control your business. A website is your foundation and a place where your audience will find you. You can get traffic from many places like search engines, social media and YouTube. Sure, there is a learning curve like anything else but it worths your time.

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2. Start a Youtube Channel

YouTube is very popular these days. Over one billion people are active members and many of them use it as a search engine. Many businesses have created Youtube channels to promote their products and services. Also, I am sure you have heard about Youtubers who made a lot of money with only one Youtube channel.

How to get started? Start by choosing your niche on something you like and have fun. It can be anything and start creating your videos. You will need a good camera, a microphone and an editing software. The quality of your videos is important to get views and subscribers.

There are many ways to create videos except speaking in front of the camera. You can create powerpoint videos, record your desktop, speaking on a frozen image and much more. Many people are successful on any of these types of videos. Be creative with your videos and do not be afraid to test new ideas.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about promoting products of other people and get a commission when they make a sale. The percentage of the commission is predetermined between you and the vendor. But as a general rule, you will get bigger commissions for digital products than physical ones. When you decide what products you want to promote, you get your affiliate links and send traffic to them.

Usually, affiliate marketers have a website but you can make sales even without one. For this reason, I have listed it as a different way to make money online. The people who do not have a website and make affiliate marketing sales, they usually have an email list of subscribers and create content for them. No one will join or stay on your list if you do not give him a reason like a free book, a “how-to” guide, newsletter etc.

If you have a website, you can also create a list or put directly your affiliate links on your content. Other ways to send traffic to your links is through social media, Youtube, guest posts and paid advertising. A common mistake of beginners is to try making money without giving any value to their audience and just put their affiliate links everywhere. Do not spam people, it does not work and it is frustrated for everyone.

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4. Become a Writer

After the last updates of Google, informative and unique content is the most important ranking factor for any keyword. For this reason, internet marketers need great writers for their websites and blogs. If you like writing, you can take advantage of it. You will start slow but if you are good at writing, you will rapidly find many customers and become a full-time writer.

There are many types of writers and places where you can get started. Some people start at places like Fiverr and iWriter where they get some dollars for small articles but they write many of them per day to increase their daily income. Another idea is to choose your niche as a writer, create a website where your customers can find you and show them samples of your work.

Do not hesitate to get started if you like writing. Even if you do not feel a great writer with practice you can become better. The money you will get per article depending on the quality of your work and the length of the articles. You should also learn the basics of SEO and keyword research because you will create content for online businesses.

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Work Online


5. Become a Freelancer

Writing is a freelancing job but I separate it because it is more creative than the other freelancing jobs. As you understand, there are many tasks to be done in an online business. Many online marketers have more than one websites and they need help to run them. Here is where you are needed, it is impressive how many people without any experience in online marketing find freelancing jobs.

You can take advantage of any skill you may have and look for a job. Web design, logo creation, video creation, and social media managers are only some of the jobs you can start. Do you want more ideas? Visit a website like Fiverr and Upwork and check out what tasks other freelancers do.

When you start from scratch, you need to be patient but it is a great way to earn money online both part-time or full-time depend on your available time to work and your skills. I have not a specific guide to recommend for all freelancing jobs because there too many of them but I will recommend one about virtual assistants that helps beginners without any experience to get started.

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6. Publish Kindle ebooks

This way is about selling ebooks on Amazon for a profit. If you check out on Amazon Kindle store you can find thousands of ebooks in every niche. You can see informational ebooks, “how to” guides, real stories ebooks and much more ideas. People really get creative in this type of online business.

You may say “I am not an author, how to write an ebook?” Well, you do not have to be an author. You can hire someone to do the job for you. It may sound crazy but you can find many freelancers who will write a great ebook for you at very low prices.

It is not enough just to sell your ebooks on Amazon. Usually, you sell them for a few dollars. You need to learn the basics of online marketing to get a consistent and passive income. You can include affiliate links to your ebook or send them to an opt-in page to create your own list. I have seen many times people giving their ebooks for free just to make their readers buy their recommendations. As the other types of online marketing, it would be better to choose your niche and focus on it instead of creating ebooks on many different niches.

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7. Sell Physical Products on Amazon

When I say to beginners to create an online business or make money online, the most of the times they think that they will sell stuff on Amazon or Ebay. Well, it is a profitable way to make money. You can start by selling something you already own and you do not need it anymore. It is a great way to learn how Amazon works without risking your own money.

After making your first sales, you can consider your strategy. A good idea is to get started with Amazon FBA. You will send your stock on Amazon and they will handle all the hard work like shipping and customer service. Selling physical products is totally different from the other ways above as you do not create content. There are places to find products at great prices online and offline but if you do not sell them, you will lose money.

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8. Create Online Courses

If you have a talent or a skill that you can teach to others then you could make a profit by creating online courses. You can create them with powerpoint videos, step by step guides or any other way you want. You can take ideas from other people who create online courses. A great place to check out what other people create and start publishing your courses is Udemy. You can find in Udemy courses and guides in many niches. However, you should make your research before deciding what is the better place to publish your own courses because Udemy is not the best place for every niche.

When you ask people to pay you for your courses, you should be really good. So, focus on the quality of your courses and make sure that are better from your competition. You can establish yourself as an expert in your niche and get traffic to your website or create a list. It is not an easy way to get started online but it is a really profitable one.

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9. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is about selling physical products you do not own on any online retailer or on your website. You find products and you make an agreement with the original seller to ship these products to your customers. Then you list them at a higher price and the difference is your profit. This business model has the advantage that you do not handle the products but the profit is smaller than selling your own products.

You do not create content but you have an online store. In my opinion, the best way to get started is with a Shopify store and get traffic with paid advertising. You should be careful about the products you choose to sell on your store. If anything goes wrong like bad quality products or not shipping in time, you have the responsibility and not the vendor who ship the product.

You can start from scratch as the other ways to make money on this list but you may need to make an investment at the beginning. For free you could try to sell on eBay but there is a lot of competition. Many experts recommend dropshipping to beginners because you do not need to create any content or have your own products.

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10. Sell your Photos

If you are passioned with photography you could sell your photos on stock photos websites. Online businesses need images to their articles, websites, social media etc. Marketers who do not have the time or the skills to take quality photos will pay for them. It is not the same process with writing or freelancing because webmasters do not want to hire someone but to choose some nice photos.

It is a really competitive business and you need to list many photos to compete other photographers. On stock photo websites you can find thousands of photos and you need to have great images to get some profit. However, if you are a talented photographer you can earn a lot of money.

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Last Thoughts

I think that I gave you many good ideas on this post. Now you can get started with any way you want. If I had to choose one of them, then I would recommend you to start a website and follow the Wealthy Affiliate free training.

You will never make money online if you do not take action. So, do not spend your time and get started. There are not any secrets, just hard work and consistency.

If you have any questions or you want to add something, leave your comment below. I really like to hear your opinion. You can also subscribe to my newsletter Here and get my latest articles in your email inbox. Thanks for reading!


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